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Who Am I?

​My mission is to inspire and guide women to create a life where they are free to practice self-care, embrace a healthy self-image, and manifest their "have it all" life by owning their power and igniting their potential. 

How do we achieve this together?

Together, we can achieve your goals through one-on-one coaching, virtual workshops, and retreats. My approach to coaching is heavily influenced by the philosophy of Louise Hay, best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life. However, it is also influenced by many other self-development programs I have completed, coaches I have worked with, and my own life experiences. 


  • Self-Image: I was the "fat, four-eyed" kid in school who got teased relentlessly. This led to low self-worth and zero confidence. My self-talk was nothing but negativity and beating myself up. Now, I love that cute kid who has become a beautiful, strong, confident, and powerful woman. I have learned what a healthy lifestyle is. I went from dreading exercise to loving it. I have fun cooking and making new and different meals. 

  • Loss in Life: I have been through multiple losses and deaths including my father in 2012. I have been the sole caregiver to an aging family member staying by their side until their last breath. It was through these experiences that I learned about my own co-dependent tendencies and how vital self-care and balance are. ​You can learn more about this period, in my life, by reading my blog post, "What Loss Taught me About Self Care".

  • Love and Relationships: For so long, I questioned if I would ever get married. However, at the age of 39, I had my dream wedding. How did I finally find my person? I had to become my person first. It was mandatory for me to learn how to love myself. I chose to reflect on childhood relationships and heal the past. I began making myself and my health a priority so that I could eventually allow someone else to love me and make me their priority. This is an ongoing, continuous, and rewarding journey. I now have an amazing husband and two fantastic bonus children whom I love with all my heart.

I can also help with the following:

  • Building confidence

  • Identifying and communicating your needs

  • Enhancing time management skills

  • Achieving peace, serenity, and contentment

  • Creating, establishing and following through with healthy boundaries

  • Understanding different communication styles in order to be heard.

  • And much more...Contact me and let's connect!

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Why work with me?

Together, we will develop your personal awareness of the limiting beliefs holding you back from your "have it all" life. Through the consistent application of the tools and techniques, you will learn, a life of positivity, self-confidence, trust, assertiveness and much more will emerge.


These credentials are the foundation for my programs: 

Lindsey Lang Life Coaching is a Certified P.U.L.L.  business. Let People Unite in Life & Liberty.

"I am so full of gratitude to have Lindsey as my Life Coach, working with her on prosperity brought me to the next level. I am forever grateful for her wisdom and knowledge. Lindsey really listened and understood what I wanted and how to get there. If you are ready to shift and move forward in life then Lindsey is the Coach for you! Thank you Lindsey for being an AMAZING Coach!"

Heidi - Ontario, Canada

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