Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You are so busy taking care of family there is no time for YOU.

  • You feel as though nothing you do is ever good enough.

  • You struggle with telling people "no."

  • You have difficulty trusting your own decisions, living in self-doubt.

  • You have a strong desire to please others, never wanting to disappoint someone.

  • You often feel responsible to solve others' problems.

  • You are single and desire marriage yet you keep attracting the WRONG partner.

  • You're at an event where the women look like they "have it all together" yet you feel like you live on the HOT MESS EXPRESS train?

  • You desire more self-confidence yet unsure how to create it.

I have great news--you are not alone and I can help!

  1. Expect Authenticity | I value being upfront and authentic. When you coach with me, you get me. I tend to speak bold and direct, and with compassion.

  2. There's No Quick Fix | I want to make sure you understand that this process takes work. Results are not achieved overnight. This process is a journey, not a sprint.

  3. Consistency is Critical | It is not going to be covered in chocolate or cherries. It is not an easy process. It is a day-to-day practice, where the rewards are beyond unbelievable.


Step 1: Schedule a Call

We'll plan 30-minutes where we can focus privately on what you want to discuss and understand about one-on-one life coaching. Typically, this is done over the phone or via a video call as coaching is remote.

Step 2: Exploration Call & Goals

  1. Get to know one another.

  2. Explore your current status.

  3. Gain clarity of where you want to be.

  4. Outline a prospective game plan.

  5. Discuss and select the best option for you.

Step 3: Ascend One-on-One Coaching Program

  1. 26 one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions scheduled weekly or biweekly.

  2. Insightful exercises, handouts, and worksheets.

  3. Regular, reliable accountability.

  4. VIP communication access to me outside of coaching sessions.

  5. Personalized meditation designed specifically for you and your goals. 

Lindsey changed my life. Three years ago I was walking out of my marriage with very poor self-esteem and no idea where I was headed. I had so many negative thought patterns about myself it was hard to hear any of the good through them. 


With Lindsey's coaching, I've learned how to overpower those negative voices with the positive truths about myself. I've learned how to think and speak with intention with great results. Since working with Lindsey, I am happier, have far less anxiety and have learned to trust my own view of myself and my own intuition. My family have all remarked how much happier I seem, even through difficult times, and I attribute that to my work with Lindsey.

 - Kristine, Indianapolis, IN


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