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Create Positive Thoughts with Catch and Shift

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

There are many times I have been asked the question, “Were you born this way? You are always so positive.” I smile and quickly say, “No.” It takes work to re-train our brain. I like to call the process the “Catch and Shift” method. Many of my coaching clients have heard me use that term over and over again. I have been using this technique for about 10 years, and it has changed my life. I think different, and see life from a filter of gratitude and seeing beauty in everything even if it takes a little longer to find.

We, as a society, are filled with #negative thoughts, imagery, sounds, etc. generally found in TV, the media, some music, and over hearing conversations at the grocery store, amongst friends or even at the gym. We hear some sentences like “I can’t do that or this. I know how it is going to go. I am scared that….” As a society, there is a lot of fear or false, limiting beliefs. So, how do we implement the “Catch and Shift”?

When you are speaking to someone and hear your own words coming out, ask yourself if they are #empowering, positive thoughts. If the answer is no, then simply rephrase what you said. Here is an example. You are getting dressed in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror. What are your immediate thoughts? Are you criticizing what you see, or are you loving and expressing #gratitude for what you see? Maybe you hear yourself saying things like “I am too fat or too skinny.” “My butt is too big.” In that exact moment, you can “catch and shift”.  Restate what you desire. You can say, “I love myself just as I am.” I am #grateful for all my body does for me.” “I am excited to create the body I have always desired, and in the process I love the body I have NOW.”

This is a continuous, daily process. Remember, what we #focus on expands, so speak the shifts aloud when you can as it gives it more power. Are you READY to change your world by “Catching and Shifting?”

I discuss this process in further detail during my 6-week EMBRACE virtual course. Check it out at

With Gratitude,


#Resource Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

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