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What does being “Authentic” really mean?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

I wondered for years what being “authentic” really meant. I finally realized that I did not understand how to be authentic because I did not really know who I was. I knew I carried the labels of a daughter, sister, aunt, niece and friend. I decided to sit with the question, “Who am I?” For the next year, I started to gain clarity and answers to my question. Once I defined who I was outside of my "labels/titles", I was able to just be ME! I learned that I am a POWERFUL, SOFT, ELEGANT, FUNNY, sometimes CHEESY, LOVING, CARING, THOUGHTFUL WOMAN who radiates love and beauty. I also learned that sometimes I am completely crazy, and I call my tribe to help bring me back to Earth. (It happens, what can I say?) Life is not always roses and chocolate.

Our cake was so good, I wanted it all for myself.

We all have a beautiful, light within that is shining so bright when we are born. We are all innocent babies who could care less what people think about us. We are truly authentic. As time goes by and we grow older, we begin to wonder what people think about us. We begin to suppress certain parts of ourselves if we decide they are not acceptable by society. Therefore, over time that bright light becomes dim and we diminish our authenticity. We can become ashamed of who we are, where we have been and where we are now. Sidenote: I love sweets; therefore, I had ZERO shame in taking our wedding cake and running with it back to our table. I believe that your story is to be shared as it will always help someone else heal. There is power in all of our stories. We can help each other heal.

Wayne Dyer stated, “It is none of our business what other people think.” This quote is so true! It really is not our business what others think. If we are all honest, we judge each other all day long. However, once we can own that it loses control over us, and we can make the choice to be who we are. We can them let our light shine. We are all born in the amazing beauty of God with our own unique beauty, talents and gifts to give to this world. There is no one else in this world exactly like YOU! You are truly amazing by just being YOU! Second Sidenote: I had a blast at our wedding dancing around like noone was looking. Guess what...I think the bride and groom get the most looks when at a wedding. I DID NOT CARE, and neither did my husband!

I could have cared less what others thought about my dancing.

Are you ready to share your uniqueness with the world? Are you ready to grant yourself that freedom to just be YOU! You are an AMAZING person. I invite you to love and accept yourself AS YOU ARE! BE AUTHENTIC by being YOU! LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE BRIGHT!

With Gratitude,


#Resource Co-Dependent No More by Melody Beattie

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